Tuesday, August 31, 2010

For Sweets Sake!

I have found so many wonderful edible shops on Etsy. This is a continuation of series of interviews entitled “Interviews with the Edibles”.

Alayne, fondly known as “Laynee”, is my next stop as I click my way through the Etsy edible shops. Her shop is inspired by her Grams - her husband’s mother whom she recently (very recently...) lost to cancer. Grams was her everything and her love for Grams was endless. Laynee recently decided to stop slaving over a desk at a dead end job that she disliked immensely; but she had no idea what she was going to do. While her Grams got worse... she had to keep busy to keep myself from going crazy with worry.... She has always known that she would do something on her own – but what? Her Grams was a cook and a very good one at that. She made them all very happy with her Italian treats. Why not let them live on in Laynee’s little shop? Hence the bake shop dedicated to Grams, Their Franny.

What is the name of your shop and how did you come with the name?
For Sweets Sake. You know, I have no idea how that came to me... I was just thinking about names and it was in my head. After I had my labels done up and got my site started, I thought , “Oh my gosh, what if someone else has that name???” But it’s good and we are super happy about it.

What is your product line?
I sell baked items. My biscotti is my favorite. I love trying new recipes and tweaking them into new product. I would like to add gifts to the product line one day. We will see...

What challenges did you encounter when you opened your shop and how did you over come them.
I had to bake my “you know what” off to make sure that all the products could be the best. I had to choose items that would ship well and be fine after a few days being shipped. Arriving fresh is very important! And the pictures – that was daunting to say the least for a technically disabled gal. Now I need to go on to the next steps – trying to figure out how to produce quantity all in my kitchen.... It can be done! I am super woman!!!

What advice would you give to someone trying to get started?
Pictures are so very important. I won’t even look at someone’s shop if they have not worked on making sure the presentation and pictures are not up to par. Play around and be quirky with it.

What would you say makes you passionate about what you do?
I want this bake shop to do well. I want to bake everyday, all day for people and make them happy. I want to do what I love every day for a living.

Do you feel the social networking is helpful in making your business a success?
Yes, it’s very important. Anything you can do to get your name out there even if it’s giving out samples at your yard sale! My husband likes to fish out on the ocean on boats with lots of people – they get hungry. I have been sending him out with samples of Biscotti and Pitzelles ... they love it! Friends with coffee shops – friends that work at hospitals – breakrooms... just a few ideas.

Have you had success with your edibles in your local venues?
I am brand new. I am still trying to get it all out there... right now I am working on that "success" we are talking about.

Where does your inspiration come from?
Again that would be Grams.... she made me passionate. She was so sweet and laughed always... I miss that.

How long have you been baking, who taught you and what was the first thing you baked?
I started out making home made bread when I was in my teens. Then I learned recipes from some great grams in Illinois that taught you how to test the bread by touching the bottom of the loaf with your nose! I burned my nose a lot!!! I was a hippy of sorts so my oldest son had never had store bought bread for the first 4 years of his life. I spent many hours picking the brains of these wonderful productive women. The old recipes are the best.

What is For Sweets Sakes’ bestseller?
So far we are doing well with the Pitzelle. It’s an Italian cookie made with a press. Tricky to get perfect and its surprise is the anise in it. Try it. You will love them!

What are some of the unique items you sell?
Everything I have mentioned are uniquely our recipes... we put a lot of care into all of them. The Cowboy cookies are fantastic!

What does it take to get your edibles delivered freshly?
Fresh delivery is very important to me. We get the order and bake it the day it goes out. So if you order late on Saturday or Sunday I will not bake it until Monday so that I can get it in the mail that day. I want it to get to you fresh and yummy!

What has been the overall reception your shop?
Reception to my shop has been great. Some folks want me to make variations of what I do and that works for me... anything I can do for you, I will give it a shot.

What do you have special for the holidays?
These are all great for holidays!
My gift box is awesome and so darn cute for anyone. You get to choose what goes in it. And it’s all packaged well so that it comes to you or your intended in perfect shape. Need a gift card...? I do that too.

What would you like our readers, potential customers, to know about you and your store?
Customers need to know that I bake in a smoke-free and pet-free kitchen with nothing but your satisfaction in mind. If anything is wrong with your order, I will make it good or refund your money. It’s that simple. I am not out to get rich – I just want to bake!

Is there anything I haven’t covered in this interview that you would like to add?
I love the idea of cooking and making people happy with these wonderful treats. Let me do the cooking for you...that’s my motto. It’s worth it. Really....

Where can the readers find you?


  1. Another great interview. I hope these interviews will give people who do not have a passion for cooking or baking a feel for how we foodies are not only passionate about what we create, but the standards to which we hold ourselves.

  2. agree with jane! great interview! and excellent pictures are definitely a must!

  3. What a nice feature!! I love anise so I might have to try the Pitzelle one day. I've only had them from a grocery so I bet fresh and handmade would be out of this world!

  4. great feature!! its the first i've read of someone with an edibles shop on etsy.. i've always wanted to order food from there