Monday, November 29, 2010

Abundance Yeah Pumpkin Butter And Spices Buy One Get 2 FREE


This week I decided that I would get ready for the holidays. So Abundance Yeah is having a buy one get 2 free special this week. I will also be sending free 2 e-cookbooks. (Emerils Celebrates 20 years 32 pages and Martha Stewart 51 pages.  Now where can you get a better offer and of course you are always welcome to shop at Abundance Yeah Etsy Shop.   So think gift exchange, office party, stocking stuffer or a gift for yourself.  This is a three gifts in one salt. Email me with your order and I will send you and invoice via Paypal.  Shipping USPS Priority Mail $10.70 US ONLY

Pumpkin Butter $6.00
Simply yummy! That's the taste of this butter. This pumpkin butter is an excellent gift to give your hostess as you visit during the holidays, and of course you will need one for yourself because it is a wonderful spread for toast and muffins day and night. 4oz jar

Rubs $20.00
This is a great gift. Most people think of rubs and cooking on the grill but they are excellent coming out of the oven and even fried.  I hand blend all the rubs myself in a certified kitchen with all the ingredient listed on the bottle. 2oz bottles ALL SEVEN

Carolina Rub (Pork, Chicken)
Peppery Rub(Fish, Lamb, Pork, Beef, Chicken)
Ragin' Cajun Rub (Pork, Beef, Chicken)
Memphis Rub (Pork, Beef, Chicken, Turkey)
Kansas Rub (Pork, Beef, Chicken)
Herb Rub (Lamb, Beef)
Big Easy Creole Rub (Fish, Shrimp, Beef, Chicken)
Brown Sugar Rub (Chicken, Fish, Turkey)

Lil’ Taste of Southwest
An essential ingredient for any southwest recipe is chili pepper. The blend had an even amount of herbs and garlic to give many dishes the aroma saying what’s cooking’. Think outside the box. This is superb on oven fried trout. 2oz bottles

Lemon Sesame Seed Chile Salt
These flavors dance in your mouth. The coarseness of the sea salt really lifts the flavors and the sesame seeds give a wonderful texture that holds the flavors together. This is great on lamb. Spice it up out of the box! 2oz bottles

Kickin’ Jerk Rub
This is a medium combination of spices that make the rub sweet and savory. The mixture of nutmeg and allspice bumps this rub to low-medium on the heat scale. This work very very well on grilled shrimp. Even an indoor flat grill. 2oz bottles
Herb Sea Salt
This finely ground blend of herbs (oregano, rosemary and more) is very flavorful on pork. Ground pork is a well kept secret but the right spices it can be a party in you mouth. 2oz bottles

Spicy Salt
Now this is great when you want to add a kick or a punch depending on the amount used. This blend is loaded with heat but not too much to confuse your mouth. This oregano clams this blend down. However, it’s still kickin’ with white pepper, cumin, ground red pepper. 2oz bottles

Chipotle Fish Seasoning
This is a seasoning that works well fried, in the oven or grilled seafood. The vast array of herbs, sea salt and pepper also makes it excellent for jambalaya. When you use this seasoning you can own your jambalaya 2oz bottles

Herb Seasoning
This finely ground blend of herbs (oregano, rosemary and more) is very flavorful on pork. Ground pork is a well kept secret but the right spices it can be a party in you mouth.


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